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Shots with my new camera

Nikon D5200+ 18-105mm

Sweden- Helsingborg area
Germany- Berlin area
Italy- Cagliari area

Photo Set



I believe that ever american should at least watch this monologue from The Newsroom

This is what got me hooked on The Newsroom! Aaron Sorkin you legend of a screenwriter! 

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Ska vi fika?

Ska vi fika?



Wanderlust on We Heart It.

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I LOVE SWEDEN because it taught me how to be myself and how to love my country.
I love Sweden because of its balance between dark and light and because even in the darkest moments there is always a burst of light coming from a candle. 
I love Sweden for its traditions, its punctuality and its being multiethnic. 
I love Sweden because no matter what every single moment is a good time for “fika” and coffee. 
I love Sweden for its meatballs, its cakes and its salty liquorices. 
I love Sweden because even in no-man land there is always a clean toilet with soap and toilet-paper.
I love Sweden because you actually feel the seasons and when the grass is green, it is truly green. 
I love Sweden for its discretion and its shy warm sun.
I love Sweden because everyone’s childhood is plenty of Pippi Longstocking’s stories and glasses of milk.
I love Sweden because of its huge houses in the countryside. Oh yes, I love its countryside. 
I also love it for its being open-minded and its passion for music. 
I love it, I truly do, because trains and buses are always available and even if it costs like hell, you have all the services when you need them. 
I love Sweden because riding your bike is okay even though it is snowing and no matter where you are or what time it is, you feel safe.
I love Sweden because no matter where you are from, they will accept you or at least they will pretend to do so. 
I love Sweden because of its freedom, its equality and its sense of identity. 
I love it because it is “lagom”. I love it because “thank you” actually means something.

Maybe, at the end, I simply love it because it will always be my second home.


inhale…exhale. Against stress it is best method ever

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